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Meeting with L'Arc-en-Ciel in Paris

hyde and ken of L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel we have the honor to answer our questions the day before their concert at the Zenith in Paris.
Three years ago, you promised to return to Paris to celebrate your twentieth anniversary and kept your promise. What has changed for L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel since then?

hyde: First, it is not to denigrate the last concert we gave in Paris, but today the group is in perfect condition and ready for delivery tomorrow. Also on the show itself, everything was done so that it happens in conditions similar to those we give to Japan.

This is the twentieth anniversary of the group and all members seem to have another twenty years. What is your secret?(means too keep young!why?)
hyde: It's because I'm a vampire.
ken: I use myself a secret potion!

The band's name comes from the French.About France and French culture are they having anything special to you?
hyde: I am interested in the French because they are so cute.
ken: I read a book on the history of the Sun King Louis XIV and I found it very interesting.

About the World Tour世界ツアーについて

March 25 products you're at Madison Square Garden in New York. How did you feel at the thought of being the first Japanese band ever to play in this place so prestigious?
ken: we thank a lot but we produce with many people of our staff ,including who are much older still more popular than us! (Laughs) This has reassured that we had done something wonderful.

Many of your fans in South America hoping your coming. How is it that you do not have the opportunity to go there?
hyde: We know we have a lot of fans in South America and we tried to go there for the twentieth anniversary. Unfortunately, despite the fact that members of staff will be extra mile to succeed we run, it was much harder than expected and did not come off. We hope and want to go there one day!

Each of you there some stories to tell about what happened to you during this world tour?
ken: I have become all blue when in my hotel room, after taking my shower, I realized that I had suffered with the bath mat that looked a lot like a towel! (Laughs)
hyde: Yesterday I went to the Lido, I really liked the breasts of girls dancing. (Laughs)
Ken: ホテルでタオルとバスマットを間違えて、シャワーを浴びた後にそれにくるまって全身真っ青になりましたね(笑)。

About your projectsあなががたのプロジェクトについて

Now that L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel has 20 years, what goals have you set for the rest of your career?
hyde: I think we have advanced so far without much ask ourselves hard questions about what we wanted to achieve. We will continue to do the same with the resources we have.

About Japanese music abroad海外での日本の音楽について

Japanese music is a gentle way internationally. As one of the largest Japanese, do you have some responsibility in its representation outside of Japanese territory?

hyde: We do not necessarily think about it like that. Sure at the moment, we do a world tour to our twenty years and I think now that L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel has had this experience will make it much easier for future groups to engage . In a sense, what we do is something good but we do not have some responsibility in it.
Hyde:そういうことはあまり重要ではないと考えています。 現時点では確かに、20周年に世界ツアーを行うことで、L'Arc〜en〜Cielにとってこの経験が将来のグループをよりよいものにするだろうとは思う。ある意味では、私たちがやっていることは、何かいいことをしているかもしれないけど、責任感は感じていません。

Do you have a message for the readers of JaME?
hyde: We are very pleased to be back in France for the concert. We hope, in a near or distant future, do as many concerts as we want, as we do in Japan, and come more often.
ken: I thank the French, the French fans finally, to be as welcoming and being in a city as beautiful as Paris.

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