『MY ROCK』Hyde【日本語訳とENGLISH translate】


『MY ROCK』Feb29 VOL.5の表紙をL'arcのHYDEさんが飾りました。


『MY ROCk』is music magazine in France.

interview in MY ROCK magazine


『MY ROCK』Feb29 VOL.5の表紙をL'arcのHYDEさんが飾りました。

『MY ROCk』is music magazine in France.

interview in MY ROCK magazine


French→English bychichi_tsutsu

here is the translation I've made from Hyde's interview in MY ROCK magazine. This is just the first page (of 2), I'll continue it very soon~. Anyway, I'm sorry for english mistakes ;o;. I'm not an english native so I tried my best in order to do it XD. Please, credit if you use it ^^.

in my rock

♦ Aren’t you too much stressed by the release of « BUTTERFLY » L’Arc~en~Ciel’s new album?
Because the album is mostly made of singles already released, I don’t think I went to a lot of trouble. So, I’m not really stressed (laugh). I just dread as is the case for each new release, but I don’t fear public reactions. This album gets a real maturity and it’s very “L’Arc~en~Ciel”, so I’m sure fans could just love it.


♦ Were the composition and the writing of this album influenced by March 2011 tragic events?

In effect, because of the events, the band and I were much less active than usually. Consequently, I got more time for improving each detail, each arrangement. For our birthday, we would like to make an album very cheerful and festive. The events make us changing of heading (??). A song of the album, “Wild Flower” is dedicated to this feeling: Its melody is sadder, and its lyrics deeper than what we make usually.

HISTORY OF BUTTERFLY─2011年3月に起こった災害はこのアルバムの制作に何か影響を与えましたか?
実際、震災によってバンドも僕も、いつもどうりには動けなかった。結果的に、細かいところ、全てのアレンジを善くしようと時間をかけた。僕たちの誕生日のアルバムとして、元気づけるような、お祭りのようなアルバムにしたかった。震災は僕らの方向性をどうしても変えた(影響を受けずにはいられなかったとHydeさん言ってましたね。he said he couldn't see the tragdy when he made L'arc songs) ,アルバムの『WildFlower』という曲には強く気持ちを込めたよ。メロディは悲しいそして、歌詞も普段僕らが作るものより深い。

♦ Why call the album « BUTTERFLY » ?

The butterfly evolved from its pupa to its taking flight. It's L'Arc~en~Ciel’s case, after 20 years, I believe we are taking ours... (laughs).


♦ What is your album's favorite song?
I would say the last one, "Mirai Sekai". This track makes me want to cry. I'm very proud of this composition. It gets a depth which was a bit missing those last years. Its message is very strong and I advise everybody to listen to it carefully.



♦ How do you make evolving L’Arc~en~Ciel around-the-clock in keeping a veritable musical identity?
A rainbow is made of multitude changing colors. I think this name helps us to renew constantly. Without losing for all that our unity.



A very closed sphere... (とってもなごやかな空気)


♦ 20 years; it's the age of Japanese majority. Does, for its 20, the band reach maturity?

Besides we grew up as well as a mature band, but we also manage to enter in this very selective artists’ sphere, the one of the bands which lasts. This is the all-important moment: it's after 20 years that we have finally so many fans abroad.


♦ After 20 years, sharing your artistic life with the same people, are you tired of it?
I can't deny that we have some 'periods' when the band was more or less getting on well. And I can say that now we're going through a period quite luxurious: we have reached our chemistry. I'm particularly glad that our international career is developing now we are at the climax of our art. Sincerely, I think the best is coming and the more difficult, or what make us getting tired of before, is behind us. The harmony between us is perfect!


♦ 20 years of career, does it age? That what I often think (laughs). I’m old! But I find consolation telling me that it’s thanks to all these years that we are here today, as a band, and that we get on as well together.

これはとてもよく考えるね(笑) 僕は歳取ったよ!でも、バンドとして、今日ここに至るまでの年月に感謝しなきゃってそして、一緒に年を重ねていこうぜ!

Keep smile(笑って)

♦ As a band, what is your longevity secret?

The secret? Never get worked up. If we struggle too much, the least little problem can lead to dispute, opinions aren’t the same, and there are arguments… We have to be tolerant, don’t get worked up, be in a good mood and move on small problems… Don’t be stopped by little obstacles and keep smiling!


秘訣? 無理に突っ走らないこと。あまりに多くの問題を抱えてる時だと、ほんの些細なことでケンカになっちゃうし、意見が違うと議論になるしね…寛容になるようにして、突っ走らずに、楽な気持ちでね、小さなうちに問題は解決。あと、小さなことで立ち止まらないで、笑顔でいることだよ!

♦ How do you explain the band success abroad?
I can’t explain it actually… Maybe because we have existed for a long time? Actually, it’s a question I would like to ask you (laughs)!

本当に説明できない… 多分ずっと長く活動してるからじゃないかな?僕が聞きたい!(笑)

♦ Where is this specific relationship with France coming from, according to the name of the band, of some of your song titles?

In spite of the fascination we always have for your country, you have to know that we came in France for the first time only 4 years ago. It’s weird because we arrived with the feeling… of coming back home -going to the country- (laughs)! We could come earlier; we should just have wanted it. But we were keeping France for a very special occasion. And in the case of this tour, it was obviously an inevitable stop. I’m promoting and I feel like enjoying myself with it. I can’t wait (laughs)!


~PAGE 2 ~An unbelievable experience(しんじられないぐらいの経験)

♦ What are you expecting from French public/audience?

When we came the first time, fans were boiling, it was an unbelievable experience. Every members of the band were delighted, and it's a real happiness to come back again playing in the same stage. And this time, for this tour, we're going to work twice as hard for the mise-en-scene (or staging, I don't know ^^") and the show. I hope your reactions will be positive.

AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE─あなたはフランスのメディアや観客にどんな期待をしていますか?

♦ The only other band which came to the Zenith de Paris' stage for its first time was X JAPAN. What are your feelings about it?

That we were the first anyway! (laughs). X JAPAN are J-Rock mentors, I'm proud of being able to play in the same stage as such a big band.

─フランス公演でル ゼニットでライヴをしたのは他にX JAPANだけなんですが、どう思われますか
どちらにしろ僕らが最初なんだよね(笑) X JAPANは日本のロックシーンのメンターだから、その凄いバンドと同じ会場で演奏できるのはを誇りに思う。

His autobiography(自叙伝について)

♦ You just released an autobiography. Where does this envy come from?
Until now, I was putting barriers, and was hiding behind. With my book, I would get rid of all my secrets and put on 'reset' button. Starting from scratch, without putting limits on myself.

─自叙伝(THE HYDE)を出版されましたが何故出そうと思われたのですか。

♦ You are a singer and you were as well a model and an actor. Which other experience miss your life?
I like making things, painting, making pottery... And I'm found of the cooking of sobas (Japanese noodles) (laughs). I could convert into Japanese noodles!


♦ What do you think about Japanese music?

Are there some bands or artists you particularly like? Actually, I like Japanese music when it doesn't look like Japanese music... I particularly admire my partner in VAMPS and his band OBLIVION DUST. And to be honest, I don't listen to music that much, if not ours.

実をいえば、日本の音楽っぽく聴こえない日本の音楽が好きで…特にVAMPSで僕のパートナーの彼がやってるOBLIVION DUSTはカッコイイと思う。正直、僕はあまり音楽を聴かないんだ。自分の曲じゃなくても。

France without hesitation(ためらいなくフランスだよね)

♦ Do you realize that you are a J-rock icon all over the world?
Sometimes ago, I daren’t push myself into the foreground. But I realize that a certain energy was missing, and I decided to stop containing myself, and become a leader. Maybe it's that why I get this icon status... From now, I'll try my best in order to be a charismatic leader.



♦ What is your best memory on stage?
I would say in 1999, an open air show with 5000 people... That real human wave has impressed me. Otherwise, in terms of energy coming out of fans, I would say France without hesitation!

1999年に日本で行った野外での5000人とのライブかな(Grand Gross)。この時の人の波に本当に感動してしまって。それ以外なら、ファンのエネルギーの面でためらうことなくフランスだって言うね!


一部意訳やTHE HYDE参照なところもありますが、英語をハイドさんが言いそうな感じで訳しました、フランスのTwitterFollowerさんが英訳してくれました。


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