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【L'Arc-en-Ciel】WORLD TOUR 2012 in SHANGHAI Airportrラルクさん上海空港到着映像
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Shanghai News
http://www.hinews.cn/news/system/2012/03/11/014147599.shtml(written in CHINA中国語)↑↑ニュース概要(Translation roughly)
3月10日に上海で燃えるようなコンサート。L'arc-en-cielの20周年を記念するこのツアー、コンサートの定番、 "HONEY" ""あなた "SEVENTH HEAVEN、"fobidden lover "、hydeでは涙ぐんだ。L'arc-en-cielは、上海で中国のファンの熱意にお返しをした。

"L'arc"最高の武器。コンサートの夜は、ハイドはブレーズヘアで登場し、体を揺らしながら歌う、声がとても魅力的だ。hydeは "上海は、誰もがお洒落で、非常に美しく、最も熱狂的!"と言った.

↑↑LIVE at Shanghai(News,Eglish translation)
Exciting concert in Shanghai on March 10. "SEVENTH HEAVEN," "HONEY" "ANATA'etc..stanard tune ware played. this tour is to cereblate the 20th anniversary of L'arc-en-ciel, we saw at 'fobidden lover'in tearful hyde. L'arc-en-ciel, Shanghai to give back to the enthusiasm of the fans in China.

Band, members of the drummer Yukihiro vocalist Hyde, guitarist Ken and bassist Tetsuya. Was formed in 1991. firest,they were called Visual Rock, but rock band started to opposition since 1997,that they are being called Vidsual strongly, NOw,they are said to contain the essence of Brit pop and psych rock. Some people say their music is appropriate also more pop and rock. However, all these, does not affect the band called L'ar-en-ciel career beyond the level of Japanese pop and rock 'n' roll band. hyde's vocal on the stage to demonstrate the attractiveness of the explosive song!
The best weapon "L'arc". In the concert, Hyde appeared braids hair, sing the body shaking, voice is very attractive. hyde said the "Shanghai, everybody is fashionable, very beautiful! most enthusiastic".
Also LED screen, and also audience so the streets outside the fence, unlike other groups, in order to make a stage of the image that is unified image of the concert, in every aspect anywhere to do a world tour of this year's Stage L'arc to, to use the video screen and lighting, and therefore, the Japanese side, the lease of two aircraft that are used to transport the equipment to special stage. Audio equipment that rivals that are produced in France, based on ten million sets of concert of superstar American sound system of V-DOSC, Celine Dion, Beyonce, and other European and Michael Jackson, the same height to seat any that can deliver sound quality.
Before Encore, in the dark, singing the "ANATA" voluntarily fans, psyllium shake. Finally, after a slight latency, singing the lyrics of "ANATA" is the encore of hyde L'arc, many fans began to cry. The "NIJI" L'arc-en-ciel big screen rises slowly floating on top of the stage, symbolizing the last song, the band, is drenched, in the last feather met the venue Romantic atmosphere. L'arc-en-ciel will also live at Taipei, New York .
(transate roughly)
NEWS:Nalie【日本語ナタリーさんニュース】written in Japanese
↑Pics from NatalieNEWS:RagbabyL'arc!!!KAWAIII!!

english translation(but add previous article) 'cause written in Japanese,soI translate summery.

Since the World Tour "2008 L'7 ~ Trans ASIA via PARIS ~ TOUR" of the last four years about performances in Shanghai and is held to mobilize the maximum number of 8,500 people were allowed to fall from public security authorities. TV stations and magazines about the day of 30 companies, including local media came to interview WEB. Also occurred that happening out instructions from public authorities discontinued when selling goods by the fans are inundated, was a long line.

Ken at MC in Chinese "yesterday,I went to the China Pavilion of World Expo (Shanghai). I was surprised greater than to see in TV " , and excite the audience. And presents a model, the China Pavilion shiny "I bought a souvenir to (B) tetsuya" So further. Followed by a gift to (Dr) in the "souvenir series" yukihiro, hyde in Hong Kong performance (Vo), in the performance of Bangkok, led to feel at home the venue.

Many Live photo↓Here(maybe,live cameran)


pics from Natalie News(this article's photos are beutiful.)

LIVE Movie(映像)
more long!↓より長い、13分ぐらいあるやつ。


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