【illust report】L'anniversary Tour Osaka Dec4&5【EnglishTranslation】

this article is English translation from my friend's YUKI's illust report.
I'm one of her fan and get her permission.so,I write.

【illust report】L'anniversary Tour Osaka Dec4&5【EnglishTranslation】

20th L'Anniversary LIVE TOUR IN OSAKA
★ illustrations report! ★

※ This is a report (12 / (4) 5) mainly Kyosera Dome@Osaka.

1. This report is organized into photo + text + illustrations. Recommended PC.
2. (My provisional character) will be protagonists of cat ears repo illustration. (See picture below)
3. All other human except artists is equipped with cat ears according to my character.
4. Please nervous, petty-minded people is not to see.
5. Copy or reproduction strictly prohibited, etc. of illustrations and text.
6. Comments welcome! I will be encouraging!

Is quite long. Please try to be prepared!
My illust Pattern has changed as usual is always (^ _ ^ ;)



Arrived at the dome.

Notes going to see anyway.
But the third time already. Try hyde's hand note to my hand somehow.
However, hyde's is small .
But,ken's is big!
Psyllium got from my sister, I have managed to admission at the last minute.

This two-day seat here ↓
Day one will skip a little because I want it mainly to write the second day.
Just because it was also the first day SETLIST.
Such as that in a bit noticed MC instead of report.

What may hyde call kyo -chan , because Kyocera!

Have much interest excited by Mr. kyo recently thanks to my friend I also
I want he say! I was even thinking is.
Hyde said.'I might call Kyo-chan,--'
*Kyo-chan is a senior hyde.
Was considerable chatter.
Hyde is immediately ー (∂ ∀ 6) Let me say What Osaka 8.jpg
Yea,, I know this, hyde.
Because it seems that the senior said that when you say kyo-chan
You were ashamed suddenly become ←
My Delusion was finished.
It ... (Hyde)I thought it would (∂ ∀ 6) will go to the next:
Did not there was Tetsu
And 'I'm sorry' did Tetsu come back.
Bows to come back.10_20120307161601.jpg
Tetsuya said condom speak.
But I think that there are elementary school students? OK?
About story of ken's glasses
In summary ... only point

Ken: I bought my glasses because I can not even see the enemy of the game I can not see the flag of golf recently. I want to whether do I put over now, since come a gutzer in the live often. But It fog up.

He talked like that.

Remove sunglasses attached.

do ...

Become ...

Oh Oh Oh What a coooool guy he is!!!!!!

Handsome bright incredibly were reflected in the monitor screen!
Oh rimmed glasses the best! !

at kenMC.

ken: No I have to be made ​​to the first character I've been doing now Golf game Minna no Golf, Character of the woman was, I was attached [Hyde] What a name to her.
Hyde with breast(Girl) was collecting coins for me her best (laughs)

I was upset over woman's body in hyde exceeded expectations (laughs)

I feel sensitive at the same time to imagine...
at hydeMC.

Hyde: Todaythere are full Santa Claus.
Please Santa presents for me something! (∂ ∀ 6)
OH!I don't be good boy,so No present!;:
It Truly Truly cute face hyde was startled!

When Caress of Venus.
I' waiting for hyde's kiss'Okinimesugamamani~~~'
When I'm turning the monitor screen, I try to see
tetsu&ken combination is in a place at the timing of Chu!
Oh oh do fool the camera's! !
Return the fun of me! ←


At Blurry eyes,hyde, Tangled in what part whistle, failure...KAWWAIIIIII
at hydeMC.

hyde: I've been taking photos in Nanba Rockets.
So as not to be noticed by anyone, secretly Peace.

Starting the second day!

★ 01.Fare well
I prefer a cappella here for some reason I also like at the timing of a cappella of the rainbow.
Feel that this petty official! !
★ 02.Caress of Venus
I Could seen Kiss! After the camera the day before -He did the learning,'Okinimesugamamai~'Kiss!
Oh good, I almost blame the camera When I remained this ←
Swinging. hyde looks like a jelly!
Wobbling ~ ~ (((∂ ∀ 6)))
I shook my psyllium.ヾ ('Д `ヾ)
Hyde also cute to struggling part of the rust!
Mr. Hyde, Wrong lyrics? But such love you~ ←
I think this song really rise and live it.
■ ■ hyde MC ■ ■
Twenty years now. L'arc is.
I think I've grown up, and I want to ladder the Kitashinchi.
I've Osaka LIVE, yesterday, I like a lot of fun.
Best, the best ~!
Ah, - now.
Whoo hoo! Osaka!
Today's video is also a lot of people are watching at the cinema, it is not flowing (Korea / Taiwan / Hong Kong) in Japan and in Asia.
Anyohaseyo ~
Please enjoy.
I'll cherish her until the corner!
I'll also loved everyone in the cinema!
Go together! Osaka ー!
Do not strain of piles! !

★ 05.flower
Ah I want to be his harmonica. I'm ok he throw away!
I want there, please, do not throw stones !I'm sorry ('Д `;)
I did odd shock when I saw this for the first time PV Come to think of it.
I had always been like Snowdrop to imagine the PV from the music surely
Was like steel or an overall massaging dark (laughs)
After all, it is wonderful song it is, yeah.
ー green light! Www would instinctively look behind
and drumming will Ooo yukihiroCOOL! !
★ 07.Dune
I was expecting to Screen is still monochrome.
Chorus was fun! !
(∂ ∀ 6) the dunes <- Sakyuuniha mou daremo
\ Ina~i (^ O ^) / !
★ 08. Glass-dama
The sound of the clock, and Video og the water on the screen.
Freely and voice clarity, hyde's hair are likely to be purification !
★ 09.forbidden lover
It's beautifful to see from stands.
Beautiful fluffy hyde's hair that hit the wind ...
but,this time that was not too fluffy why pretty heavy Konrou ??

ken goes into his guitar solo and...
Chorus is different from the Grateful of the dome's scale, really! !
and overlooking the beautiful storm of psyllium around.
I would recall the L'7 :;
Red light is lit, speaks English face of CG footage.
Move minicar periphery riding members ,unbelievable!
Seen, can not see ^ O ^
But I saw little bit,ken.
Injection had been white smoke is like a bazooka to the rhythm.
So cute smile accumulate!22.jpg
boI had glanced at and Tetsu Yukki,
Hyde came.
Oh Oh Oh Oh Wo hyde of AWAKE! ! !
Portable shrine staterder
Firing silver tape! ! Shower! !
I could barely reach or not reach or scope of,but I took two?
Have not heard anything like crazy to take that so every time
Conclusion part to do it together but I did it properly it !!
★ 13.Driver 's High
I see something like the engine sound reflected meter of the car.
Hyde is bad It was written on Twitter of the president Ohishi not fly.
I stir up so much that I flew from hyde ←lol
Or the president did not tell hyde?
I wonder hyde is the type that is like GACKT who don't think consequences? lol
Song and dance once thought everyone want to remember if L'arc addict (laughs)
I was put into some creative dance of high school but using song "Toxic" by Britney Spears.
movement of hyde is cuuuuuuue!!!!!!

Impact of suicide gunpowder explosion

Rush from "Are you fuck'n ready ~!?(hyde)".
I get to explode gunpowder suicide victim.
But always the tempo up!
Eh Yukki!
Jump inflame hyde is here as well.
OK? I fly! flying Yeah yeah!
Yukihiro drum solo
You do not have to work hard so Yukky ... (worried)
★ 16.Anemone-L'Acoustic version-
Sitting avobe the orchestra ↑.
Hyde also missing lyrics,but I be allowed to be so what hyde
is!I like Anemone,not reason why,,,.
★ 17.X X X
I'm feeling a little more flavor VAMPS from this song.
Prelude so long to come down members.but I love!
my eyes were accustomed to shaking gradually been eroded of hyde!
★ 18.CHASE
"Onigokko" I will not forget (laughs)
PV ,I don't like so much anyway.
I like the first character but I like especially, - I do not know well representation or angel eye.
I'm certainly poor understanding.
XXX is personally to win,I like XXX PV&hair style,impact than Chase.

It was impressive that Tetsu was seemed really fun.
■ ■ ■ ken MC ■ ■ ■
happy birthday to me ~ ♪ × 2
happy birthday dear to me ~ ♪
happy birthday to me ~ ♪ (laughs)

Dome is wide?
In the old days, was like I do see the city you are from here and ran the highway.
I like a distant. They're shining city lights.
Everyone in the power-up each year,So, recently I feel Truly near.
I have to be like that, How about you?No? I do feel like that!
Somehow, you'll come such a Day!

today, I ran a gate with glue.
and there was Mr. hyde,brightly.
It is so divinely.
"Ah, it's hyde" and what I want, I was popping the groin.
'So, fabric is thin than Then I thought, I feel touched more directly? (Laughs)
A marshmallow or marshmallows ... like macaroons, such as strong, such as ephemeral
What was I doing... I'm happy and glad to be 20 years.
(ken MC)Are not I kind of dog that was also touched.
I touched hyde - or suddenly.
I understand why girls love this,,,
What? Mine? Whether soft? ?
Now, if I sometimes hard even when soft.
During the live, so.... and seems to think it can not be helped and
Well but,soon or later,staying marshmallow become much (laughs)
What I felt was a little early so holding a lottery.
What are you doing Christmas ? there is a Christmas.
Do spend time with their own marshmallows?
Each other, like a marshmallow dress grip of each other!
To go that good Christmas everyone!
As you can find the marshmallow of your choice!

ken,..what happened to you....???????

★ 19.Hurry Xmas
Flows of animation of reindeer on the screen,
Overhead dome 'Hurry Christmas!' Are written in English and the light.
I like laser.Beautiful&cute,I'm glad to hear it!
★ 20.Link
Super fun but super Jumping!
I had been blown off in the last sad soon.JUMP!
■ ■ ■ hyde MC ■ ■ ■
Yeah!I'm really fun!
Fun to sing recently, it, feels good.Thank you.
Well, I think I do not know how singing oh, "~ ♪ kikazatta~~~", such a MC after the marshmallow.
What should I pretend did not sing, what better to sing a little embarrassment.
I certainly, it 's a very good feeling mine.
· · ·. Toward a someone in the lottery...
Well, I did it just CHASE new song.
You know, it is always off-guard in the intro, is not drinking water.
But what will it be out this laser also at that time,
Well, the feet, but are you hitting the foot from near Then yesterday,
"Ouch!!" so, a hole at the clothes!
I felet ~too heat!" yesterday, and also"~too Heat!" today.
Laser is scare.
There is something dangerous I know to do close to 20 years for the first time! And.
I do not know even if it doing 20 years.
I was good to come(lol)
we gowell next year world tour,New album soon come out.
that will be apparently 12th..but, very difficult to order of the songs, think of settling.
It is impossible there is full song live ... I want to do.
I mean, would there? Or - I did not that song for me.
But, other child and then you can happily, when other thought I could feel all the hard
But that, you said easily?
It is not good but, ... other people?
If we really do all songs,...you must come!
Minor tune-in to do Oh, you that day, strange ..I like.
That, Yasouka etc,,,, the old ones.
-but Do not even do strange squid every time?
Doing the old songs is so feeling deep,for example,DUNE,I song,today,,,
I wonder ... 20 years since then.

Album, you can get soon.
What do I beat to death if you don't buy, Mr. Yukihiro had said.
I know, do you want to get violent with yukihiro?
Mr. yukihiro, it is not violent in bed (laughs)

(Wwww hyde is why you know ↑)

Speaking of which, Mr. Yukihiro doesn't say much Joke.
but is to grin while listening feel that ken MC
Why do you shy?

Today, the tour come to end anyway,
Thank you also to everyone of you who Orchestra.
Today, let's drink. Most of them, I'm not talking (laughs)
Osaka is Osaka team?
I is replaced each time,I heard Osaka team are rumor pretty funky.
I heard they're apparently dancing in the back (laughs)

World Tour next year we will go, after this,
Come back round again a little better dressed.
so,you have to be careful.

Today, it marks the final of tour I feel something really ,,,so,,, Here, it is.
20 years,though there was rain and a storm begins from here forth.
I think we could come this far thanks to everyone really.
Thank you so much. for 20 years, Thank you for coming together!
Our band are so imprudent, but go to make a good song from now on,
Please look forward to.

At the end So please listen NIJI

What's the band so much ... feather suits.
Amazing fantastic.

Until now, I want them to let fans stay in the future.
And I feel them really more like God really.




When people think of a band does a total of seven people, seven of color have created,
There were various but, somehow became a little pleased.

The curtain has been like that.
illust report is the end anyway.
Thank you for reading this long.

illusut&report by yuki
translation by mimi